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List of Features
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Customer Management
  • Storing and managing current and potential customers;
  • Customer check-in tool;
  • Collection of data on customer visits and behaviour in a dispensary;
  • Customer statistics analysis and reporting.
Product Catalogues
  • Comprehensive description of each product: Portfolio, Description card completion, Category label designation, Specifications, Varieties;
  • Use all product attributes for filtering, sorting, and displaying the product catalog in e-commerce storefronts
  • Tools that allow you to perform all required actions: Printing product labels, Attaching lab tests, Assigning licenses and sale limits

Order Management
  • Preliminary configuration of sales flow for any dispensary or customer type
  • Conducting sales with minimal labor and time in unattended mode using the previously created configuration;
  • Algorithm for selecting best price based on the cart contents;
  • Calculation of taxes and limits for compliance management at every stage of sale;
  • Supervisor Mode which enables you to handle non-standard situations in manual or semi-automatic mode;
  • Tools for order collection:
    • Automatic selection of a suitable product from the warehouse (FIFO),
    • Offering product substitute supply of goods instead of the one out of stock,
    • Accounting adjustments;
  • Preorder and address delivery support;
  • Product return mechanisms.
Price Management
  • Manage product prices for various situations;
  • Manage product prices and assortment for each individual dispensary or group of dispensaries;
  • Create reusable price portfolios;
  • Limit price validity term;
  • Create promotional prices.
Taxes and Limits
  • Flexible tax management:
    • Support of local and regional taxes,
    • Direct and indirect taxes supported;
  • Calculate and monitor in real-time your excise and sales tax liabilities;
  • Real-Time Patient and Customer Limit Tracking.
Inventory Management
  • Accurate inventory information in real time across multiple warehouse locations;
  • Batch-based product tracking with the associated lab test results and expiration dates for each batch;
  • The system minimizes the risk of oversale by blocking the product as soon as the customer finalizes a purchase;
  • Inventory of your warehouse and maintenance of current stock at any time.
  • Dashboard of current status of all orders and other key indicators;
  • Standard operational and analytic reports;
  • Custom report compilation feature;
  • Data export;
  • Sync with METRC and other similar systems (on demand).
Loyalty and Promo
  • Two loyalty program types:
    • Discount on purchases for all Club cardholders,
    • Cashback bonuses with purchases;
  • Advanced mechanisms for setting and carrying out promotions;
  • Bonus accrual tool triggered by specific events or manually;
  • Uniform or optimized redistribution of discounts;
  • Support for promotional activities through various channels: SMS, Email, Push notifications;
  • Manual discounts.
Human Resources Management
  • Organizational management of your entire network and each store;
  • Flexible management of access and rights of employees in the system;
  • Collection and analysis of statistics on employee performance.
Point-of-sale (POS) Terminal
  • Configure presets for the Terminal to simplify further maintenance of customer service;
  • Conduct sales using advanced flow sales configurations;
  • Serve multiple customers simultaneously;
  • Add products to your cart using a barcode scanner or a hand held product search system;
  • Print checks and labels at the point of sale;
  • Record the amount of funds in the register at the beginning and at the end of operational day;
  • Report on indicators of each terminal and the seller.
Check-in App
  • Register a customer by scanning their driver's license;
  • Customer check-in in just 3 clicks;
  • Real-time customer line management;
  • Record reasons for why a customer left the store.
Adaptive e-commerce platform enables you to integrate sales into your website:
  • Product catalogues and prices;
  • Order cart and check-out process;
  • Dispensary location and specials;
  • Customer reviews and favorites list.

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